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General Property & Pest Management Guides

Find resources to help you manage your property without using pesticide products.

Learn how to hire pest management professionals.

What are pesticides?

Pesticides are products designed to kill rodents, weeds, mosses, insects, plant diseases, and slugs & snails.

To Avoid Pesticides in Your Lawn, Garden & Landscape

Use the resources below to learn effective methods to avoid the use of pesticides.

Control Weeds without Weed Killer (Herbicides)

50+ practical tips to control weeds. Often described as natural, non-chemical, or mechanical methods.

Solve Plant Problems without Pesticides

65 practical tips. Often described as natural, non-chemical, or mechanical methods.

Biological Pest Control Methods

16 practical tips to attract insect predators and natural enemies.

Prevent Lawn Problems

Grow dense grasses to prevent lawn problems. A healthy lawn resists invasion by moss, weeds, insects, and diseases.

Hiring Professionals: pesticide applicators, wildlife control operators & mold control specialists

How to Hire a Pest Control Company

Make sure they have a license from your state to apply pesticides. Ask how they mitigate human and environmental risks.

How to Hire A Wildlife Control Operator

Understand the laws about controlling wildlife in your state. Make sure professionals have a license and permit from your state to handle the wildlife.

How to Hire a Mold Control Specialist

Ask how the company minimizes human and environmental risks.