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Weeds by Shape / Trait

Three examples of herbaceous plants

Broadleaf Weeds (Herbaceous)

Soft leaves like lettuce. Small weeds like clover & dandelion are in this category. Not grass-like.
17 Weeds
Grass Like

Grasses & Grass-like Weeds

Thin, long leaves or tubes. Grasses, sedges, rushes, reeds, horsetail, iris.
9 Weeds
Three mages of vining plants

Vine-like Weeds

Climbing, trailing plants. Ivy, Blackberry, Wild Clematis, Hedge Bindweed & more.
5 Weeds
Three mages of woody plants

Trees & Shrubs / Bushes (Woody)

Woody stems (new growth may be soft), plus a few bush-like weeds with soft or hollow stems.
13 Weeds

Weeds by Habitat


Weeds in Lawns

Common unwanted plants in lawns including broadleaf weeds (soft stems and leaves), grasses & moss.
5 Weeds
Weed in garden

Weeds in Gardens, Landscapes & Property

Common Pacific Northwest weeds on property.
33 Weeds
water photos

Weeds in or Near Water

Including ponds, streams, creeks, marshes, bogs, and other waterways.
7 Weeds
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Keys to reducing weeds

  • Identify first. Many difficult weeds require special actions or herbicide (weed killer). Some actions could make the situation worse.
  • Cover bare soil with desirable plants or 3 inches of mulch.
  • For lawns, apply water, fertilizer, and seed to maintain lush grass.
  • Don’t just buy “Weed Killer” and start spraying. Different products work on different weeds; some won’t kill a particular weed at all.
  • Prevent weeds from going to seed.
  • Take action on aggressive and invasive weeds that harm natural areas and take over neglected areas.
  • For information on controlling invasive weeds, contact your county Weed Control program. Find contact information here: https://www.oregon.gov/oda/programs/Weeds/Pages/CountyWeedPrograms.aspx
  • You can also contact “Ask extension”  https://extension.oregonstate.edu/ask-extension for guidance.
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